Hi, I’m Medha! And I love to travel.


I started backpacking shortly after I completed college and had a gap year. In this year, I trekked in the Himalayas, worked for an education foundation and then for a livelihood sustainability non profit, to meet interesting people and also to fund my travels. My curiosity to explore my country and the world was fueled by what I’d read and the travel movies, documentaries I’d watched.

A few years later, I joined the Couchsurfing network and the people I met, traveled with and hosted, inspired me tremendously. I really owe it to the community and the wonderful world of travelers who shared their stories with me personally and in the form of blogs, writings and articles. I have since traveled to 78 cities across 16 countries, and this is just the beginning.

Wherever I would travel, people would tell me ‘..you’re the first Indian girl I’ve met..’ or ‘…I’ve never met a solo traveler from India before..’ initially these remarks confused me. When I first started traveling solo, I was hesitant but then I met so many others who were traveling solo that I realized that there really is something to it. This blog is my way of paying it forward. Hopefully it will inspire someone else to explore the world, just like so many others whose writings inspired me.


Bhutan Pics-1

Currently , I work with a consulting firm, I really enjoy what I do as it helps me meet different people and its really varied. On weekends, I enjoy biking, yoga and running. I also run (half) marathons and my dream is to qualify for the New York city marathon ( I moved to NYC recently, so I’ve moved closer to that goal!) and to run from Marathon to Athens..(both of these are inspired by Haruki Murakami’s writings in his book ‘What I talk about when I talk about running’) When I travel, I like to run by different rivers, so far I’ve run along 30 rivers (and seas, oceans) across different countries and continents!

Travel is my lifeline and whenever I get time off from work I take off to a new destination…it’s the best education I’ve had!


Happy Reading and Bon Voyage!


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